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Recruit Generals from your tavern. Look for Generals that meet a variety of training goals.

General Panel.jpg

The Attributes

For all Generals, keep short and long term goals in mind. Alliance Warfare has a variety of different attributes to play with, and they all work together in different ways. Loyalty affects the power of your attributes. Only at 100 loyalty will your general function 100% in battle.

The Charisma attribute of the general that's set as Leader affects your resource production, building construction time and wall defense construction time.
The Strength attribute of the general that's set as Leader affects your troop production time. Strength also gives an attack bonus in battle; In defense the highest strength general in your city will be defending, regardless if it's set as Leader or not. In attack it's each attacking general's strength attribute that affects it's strength.
The Wisdom attribute of each individual general affects the heal rate from the battle which they were used in (it can give up to 30% heal bonus on top of the hospital and the medicine tech) and gives a life bonus in battle.
The Speed attribute of each general affects each individual general's marching speed.

Redistribute attributes using the Attribute Policy Item: Attribute Policy 50pk.jpg

Refer to Leveling Generals to learn how to put your general through basic training.

General Persuation Costs

Level Gold Shields Formula
1 to 50 1k per level none none
51 to 100 3k per level Red Dragon (lvl/10)-3
101 to 200 4k per level Fire Dragon (lvl/10)-4
201 and up 5k per level Diamond Dragon (lvl/12)-4

General Stones

Stones won from the mini game hold Generals of varying levels.

Hero Stone.jpg Stone General level 10 - 19

Hero Crystal.jpg Crystal General level 20 - 29

Hero Gold.jpg Gold General level 30 - 39

Hero Diamond.jpg Diamond General level 40 - 49